Social Media

Social media is an important part of FIU's outward facing brand experience. Because of this, ACS' Strategic Communications and Marketing team must approve all social media pages, websites, and mobile app designs that bare the FIU ACS logo. Any social media page, website, or mobile application launched without the approval of ACS' Strategic Communications and Marketing team is subject to removal, at the expense of the unit or office.

Social Media Guide 

Our Social Media Guide sets forth useful guidelines and best practices that will assist the social media users at ACS to align their activity with FIU’s university objectives and values to successfully reach a broader online community. In addition, due to the evolving nature of social media, this Social Media Handbook is subject to revision by the Division of Academic and Career Success.

Social Media Calendar

Our social media calendar is meant to bring structure and ease to your digital and social media planning. This calendar includes important FIU dates and deadlines, National Holidays, and quirky national hashtag holidays. 

To access our Social Media Calendar, click here