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The Student SOS works to improve student success outcomes at FIU. They implement high impact student success solutions by providing actionable data, conducting targeted outreach, and facilitating cross-college collaboration. The Student SOS is made up of two teams operating under three pillars.

Strategic Initiatives and Data Coaching

The Strategic Initiatives and Data Coaching (SIDC) team facilitates strategic, data-driven initiatives designed to increase retention and graduation. They provide actionable data to partners in ROAR, College Success Teams, and ACS Workgroups to improve university-wide student success outcomes. They work to identify and remove institutional barriers to undergraduate student retention, progression, and graduation. 

Retention Outreach and Advising Resources

The Retention Outreach and Advising Resources (ROAR) team works directly with students in academic distress to remove barriers to success and identify pathways that will facilitate progression and timely graduation. They also coordinate university-wide advising initiatives and provide training and professional development for the advising community.

SIDC and ROAR partner in the areas of 1) Retention and Graduation Initiatives, 2) Progression Initiatives, and 3) Academic Operations (such as University Course Offerings and Advising Support).

The Student SOS 


Student Success Operations and Strategy (The Student SOS)

Retention and Graduation Initiatives

Progression Initiatives  

Academic Operations (Course Offerings and Advising Support)

Strategic Initiatives & Data Coaching

Manager of Student Success Initiatives and Analysis

Student Success Advocate

Manager of Progression Initiatives and Analysis (Coming Soon)

Student Success Advocate

Manager of Academic Operations and University Course Offerings

 Retention Outreach and Advising Resources (ROAR)

College Life Coaches

Student Success Specialists

College Life Coaches

Redirection Specialist

Manager of Academic Support Services (Advisor Training and Orientation Logistics)

Our Partners

The Student SOS works with College Success Teams, Workgroups, and Central Liaisons to achieve the University's student success goals.

College Success Teams

A College Success Team was created for each of the undergraduate-serving colleges in the University. Each College Success Team consists of the college’s student success administrators, such as:

  • Associate Dean/Academic Operations Lead
  • Advising Lead
  • Course Scheduling Lead
  • Careers Lead

The Student SOS meets with each College Success Team every Fall and Spring semester to share actionable data and address barriers to student success.

Academic and Career Success Workgroups

The following workgroups were created to facilitate collaboration, establish best practices, and implement strategic initiatives:

  • Advising Systems Workgroup – Advising Leads from each college
  • Academic Operations Workgroup – Associate Deans/Academic Operations Leads from each college
  • University Course Offerings Workgroup – Scheduling administrators from each college

The Student SOS meets with each workgroup regularly throughout the semester.

University Success Team

The University Success Team consists of all College Success Team and Workgroup members and meets once asemester to share policy updates, new university projects, highlighted college initiatives, etc.

The Student SOS College Partners


The Student SOS College Partners

College of Arts, Sciences & Education

College of Engineering and Computing 

Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work

Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts

Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs 

College of Business 

Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences

FIU Honors College

FIU Online