The Student SOS (Student Success Operations and Strategy)


The Student Success Operations and Strategy Team (Student SOS) works to implement high impact student success solutions to help the University achieve its student success goals. They use a variety of technologies and data tools to enhance student success operations at FIU. The Student SOS includes teams dedicated to Outreach Initiatives, Progression Initiatives, College Life Coaching, Advising Resources & Support, and Data Insights.

Our Team

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team works with the Student SOS Teams and other University partners to facilitate strategic, data-driven initiatives designed to promote undergraduate student retention and progression to timely graduation. They work with College Success Teams to support college-specific challenges and strategies and meet regularly with Cross-College Workgroups to identify and remove institutional barriers to student success (process improvement, policy recommendations, etc.).  

Team Member
Katie Pereya

Kaitlyn Pereyra Director of Student Success Operations and Strategy

Team Member

April Lewis  Associate Director of Retention Outreach and Advising Resources

Team Member

JoAnna Sanabria Assistant Director of Student Success Initiatives and Analysis

Advising Resources and Support

The Advising Resources and Support Team provides training and professional development for the FIU advising community and coordinates University-wide advising initiatives. The team includes a central advisor who assists with covering caseload gaps while advisors are on leave or during a transition period. The team also includes an advisor for the University’s Global First Year program.

Team Member

Maria Walker Assistant Director of Academic Support Services  

Team Member

Kettia Romage Academic and Career Success Advisor

Team Member

Christie Murata Global First Year Advisor

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team uses data analytics to identify targeted populations of students experiencing barriers to retention, progression, or graduation. They reach out directly to those students, and work in collaboration with campus partners to help resolve issues related to re-enrollment, registration holds, payment of tuition and fees, incomplete grades, graduation eligibility, among others.     

Team Member

Rhesia Lewis Student Success Advocate

Team Member

Cara Rolle Student Success Specialist

Team Member

Johnny Jean Student Success Specialist

Progression Team

The Student Progression Team works with the colleges to identify and intervene when students are becoming off-track in their major. Students missing critical course milestones or “success markers” for their program are invited to meet with a Progression Specialist to discuss their options and create a plan to get them back on-track for graduation. 

Team Member

Marina Marchena Manager of Student Progression Initiatives

Team Member

Jonathan Rodriguez Student Progression Specialist

Team Member

Chanel Gomez Student Progression Specialist

College Life Coaching

The College Life Coaching Team works with students in academic distress to help them set and achieve academic goals. They work with students on time management, study strategies, motivation, and managing obstacles. They connect students with University resources that will help them achieve their goals.  

Team Member

Brittanyliz Echevarria College Life Coach

Team Member

Aqsa Mahmood College Life Coach

Team Member

Cathyana Marcel College Life Coach

Data Integration and Insights

The Data Integration and Insights Team integrates and analyzes student success data from multiple platforms to identify meaningful, real-time insights. They provide actionable, just-in-time data to the academic units to support data-driven decision-making and college-level interventions. Areas of focus include academic operations and course offerings, as well as general student success-related data.

Team Member

Roxane Timon Manager of University Course Offerings