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Frost Art Museum Exhibit

As a long established partnership between the Common Reading program and the Frost Art Museum, the museum creates exhibits to mirror the Common Reading selection.

In the 1980s, photographer Gary Monroe returned home to Miami Beach and photographed the old world Jewish community in his neighborhood. He had received his MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1977, and for his master’s thesis he captured this South Beach community. However, he knew there was more to explore and continued photographing this aging community for a decade. Many of the Jewish residents of South Beach during this time had survived the Holocaust or Czarist pogroms and immigrated to the U.S. This aging community had survived some of the worst atrocities of the 20th century and identified a quiet and warm neighborhood in Miami Beach to live out their final days.

The Frost Art Museum invites all First Year Experience instructors and peer mentors to bring their classes to the museum for a tour of this exhibition and introduction to the museum. Inspired by the Common Reading Book, "Determined: A Memoir" by Martin Baranek, the photographs by Gary Monroe depict the survivors of the Holocaust in their final years. In addition, as Baranek discusses in the book, the end of the war was not the end of his journey. As Baranek immigrated and took several years to resettle, the Jewish community depicted in this exhibition includes immigrants and refugees.  

Both students and faculty can book a tour on the Frost Museums' website.