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After treatments from childhood cancer left Rebekah paralyzed, she believed herself to be an ordinary little girl who did things her own way until the people around her and society at large told her otherwise. After seeing the reaction from those around her, she began to see herself as a burden to her friends whenever they had to find alternative routes or rearrange plans to accommodate her and had to become highly selective in choosing friends because of it.

Through adolescence and even into adulthood, Rebekah had to figure out what decisions to make in regards of her work and her relationships, romantic or otherwise. Though she has made some mistakes, and might not have all the answers, she’s honest about her experiences.

In June 2015, Rebekah began to detail her life experiences on Instagram (@Sitting_Pretty) along with pictures of her plants, cats, and thrifted sweaters. Eventually, her collection of photos and life experiences not only earned her almost 50,000 followers on Instagram but also laid the groundwork for her book, Sitting Pretty: The View from my Ordinary, Resilient Disabled Body.

Sitting Pretty: The View from my Ordinary, Resilient, Disabled Body is a series of essays, each detailing a different facet of Rebekah's life. In one essay she talks about her experiences in dating and romance and in another she talks about her frustrations about finances, finding work and adequate health insurance. Ultimately, her memoir not only paints a vivid picture of her life, but it also highlights the societal issues that affect both disabled and able-bodied people alike.

Currently, Rebekah continues to work on her Instagram, teach high school students and spend time with her husband, son, and cats.

Book Selection

The Common Reading Committee has faculty, staff and student representation. After a number of books were recommended, several books were carefully reviewed and discussed. Before making a final determination, the committee members considered a variety of factors including interest, cost, readability, length and applicability to our student population. All university community members are encouraged to make a suggestion for next year’s program.

Usage in Class

The First Year Experience Seminar course has incorporated the common reading book into its curriculum. Students will be tested on material from the common reading book, and they will also write a paper related to the book and their own transition to college. Professors of other courses may choose to incorporate the book into their curriculum and/or classroom discussions.