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While completing your undergraduate degree, FIU offers a host of options for a Minor or Certificate Program that matters in order to broaden your marketability or to prepare for a particular discipline in graduate school, ensuring your success here at FIU.

Students from any discipline can declare a Minor or Certificate and gain its advantages. Students have the ability to expand their knowledge and areas of interest, deepening the liberal arts portion of their undergraduate education. The Minors and Certificates Program that FIU offers its students helps prepare them for future careers allowing them to develop necessary critical thinking and communications skills for today’s job market.

Certificate Programs are structured combinations of courses with a common base of interest from one or more disciplines into an area of concentration. A Minor Program is an arrangement of courses enabling a student to develop a degree of expertise and knowledge in an area of study in addition to his or her major academic program of study. Successful completion of a Certificate or Minor Program is entered on the student’s transcript and records.

Minor Programs

Certificate Programs