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One Boy’s Holocaust Survival Story.

A memoir about overcoming loss and suffering at the hands of the Nazis, and how a young boy’s undying spirit and a series of miracles helped him survive. 

After the Nazis invaded his shtetl in World War II, young Martin Baranek went on to survive the ghetto, a labor camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the death march, and Mauthausen. With his undying spirit—and a series of miracles—Martin escaped the train headed for Treblinka, where the majority of his family perished, and was twice sent to the quarantine barracks in Birkenau to be sent to the gas chambers. Twice he escaped with only moments to spare.

Book Selection

The Common Reading Committee has faculty, staff and student representation. After a number of books were recommended, several books were carefully reviewed and discussed. Before making a final determination, the committee members considered a variety of factors including interest, cost, readability, length and applicability to our student population. All university community members are encouraged to make a suggestion for next year’s program.

Usage in Class

The First Year Experience Seminar course has incorporated the common reading book into its curriculum. Students will be tested on material from the common reading book, and they will also write a paper related to the book and their own transition to college. Professors of other courses may choose to incorporate the book into their curriculum and/or classroom discussions.